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? Can't export as combined pdf via Airdrop


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I have been trying Scannable on an iphone 6 plus with ios8 and love the ease of use and quality of the results in general.


One problem I have met it that I have been able to take multiple scans and select them but when I try to Airdrop them to a Yosemite iMac it transferes them as multiple .jpgs rather than a combined pdf. I can't seem to find a setting to change this. My understanding was (at the moment) that a single file would be saved as a .jpg and multiple files as a .pdf.


When I use "More>Open in...>Open in iBooks" it does save it as a combined .pdf there as a default.


Am I doing something wrong?




PS I have noted the thread in the Product Feedback asking for some way to be able to choose whether to save a single document as a .jpg or .pdf. It would be good to have a default format for single and multiple documents but be able to choose e.g single pdf or multiple photos ( not sure why you would want to do that...but I am sure someone will find a reason).

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