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Windows Desktop Acting Odd

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In the last few weeks, my Windows Desktop has been acting odd.  Periodically, I cannot see any of the attachments (jpg, PDF) in the notes.  When I look at the "All Notes" Column, I can see the Thumbnail of the 1st page indicating there is a PDF in the Note.  However, in the Note space to the right OR if I double click to open the whole Note in a separate window, the text is there, but no attachment.


When I open the same Notes on my iPhone, iPad or even on the web, it works as normal.  


Any ideas?  Really frustrating as I am at my desktop most often and it is where EN is easiest to work with.

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Windows desktop isn't known to do any of that - have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?  Make sure you exit Evernote completely and backup your database before you start.. 

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