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EN Automatically Closes After 4 Seconds

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EN has been closing automatically for the last 3 months after 4 seconds of being open. Cannot use it, even after downloading the latest version; still same result.

Numerous crash reports sent in with no fix responses.


Any solutions with any of you with a similar problem? EN is my hot ideas quick catchment storage from which I develop further studies/documents/etc.!

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Thanks, gazumped, for responding. 

I am using the free 5.7.1 which I just re-downloaded today to get the latest free version.
I am assume that your reference to version 6.0.5 refers to the Premium Version; correct?
Thanks, Bill
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Hi - there's actually no difference in versions between free and premium.  You tagged this post as Mac,  and the latest Mac version is 6.0.5 from the Apple store or from Evernote.com.


Edit:  if you;re happy with 5.7.1 there's no harm in uninstalling and reinstalling that one to see if it helps - what Mac OS do you have?

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