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Evernote 6 in Mac: Various issues with R2L languages



The previous versions of Evernote did not have any issues with Right to Left languages "i.e. Arabic". However, after the release of Evernote 6 on the Mac, I started facing various issues when I write in Arabic.


Here are some examples:

  1. A lot of times when I make a numbered list the text hangs the other side of the page, nothing I try fixes that
  2. A lot of text converts to the L2R direction, and it cannot be fixed
  3. When I write a word, and then delete a few characters of it to retype them, the word becomes messed up and not connected

In addition to other issues related to writing in Arabic.


I also face a lot of lagging.


Maybe the worst problem of all is the indentations. Regardless of the language, after the update was release, a lot of the indentations of lists got messed up.


I hope the support team look into these issues..

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