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Why are my scans saving as business cards?

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If I scan a document (say a sales receipt) that has contact details on, such as name and phone number,, Scannable by default scans it as a business card, when I really want it to be a standard document.  There doesn't seem to be a way of changing this.


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Thanks for the feedback.


We're are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. We did, however, come up with a workaround in the meantime.  Scannable only automatically processes business cards when you're signed into Evernote.  If you scan a document (like a receipt or recipe) that is incorrectly identified as a business card, you can delete the scan (just swipe up in the tray for a quick delete), sign out of Evernote, and continue scanning.  When you're finished, click the Save to Evernote button and log back in and the scan will be saved as document instead of a business card.


We realize this is cumbersome and apologize for the inconvenience!


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It's not just documents with contact info that get turned into business cards. In my experience it turns all kinds of small documents into business cards.


One very common problem I'm having is that I often use a 3x5 blank index card to work out short math problems related to my business or finances. These are drawn with a pen, and I make a few horizontal lines to organize the page. Then a few rows of figures and a title at the top. I like to save these for future reference.


When I try scan them with Scannable, it almost always treats them like a business card, and I don't see how to stop it in the app, or convert to a regular note after they've synced to the desktop app. Same for many receipts.


Hope this is fixed soon, because other than this issue, Scannable is Evernote's best design/UX work to date. I love it.

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I tried this method and it only partially works. Of eleven post-it-note scans done at the same time it turn 5 in to Business Cards and the rest into one PDF note. I would prefer to know if there is some way of changing a business note back to a regular note. At least then I don't have to keep scanning the post-it-notes and HOPE that it works. 

So is it possible to change a business note to a regular note?

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I just scanned a part of my study book which looks like a card. Evernote automatically set it as business card. When I added it to my document (which I have been working on for hours), it set automatically my document as a business card. I am now unable to edit the document. I tried to go in older version, they are all locked and set as business card on my phone and normal document but lock on my computer. Is there a way out? 

Thank you 

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This just happened to me, too. Is there any way to get the note out of "business card" mode so I can edit it? What I scanned was not a business card and I can't seem to change the fact that came in this way. I've tried to delete the fields that are in the business card (e.g., phone number, name) but it seems they can't be removed. I'm hoping there's a away to convert the note to a non-business card format.

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Use the scanner build into EN.

It allows full control over the scan type. This can be set before or after the scan.

You find it behind the up arrow on the right of the new note- button, or behind the blue + - symbol in editing mode, when you want to add  a scan to an existing note.

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Blabla ...

You can only write up that sort of ***** because a) you didn’t try it yourself or b) you ignore that you can switch to another scan type if it mistakenly took an invoice as a business card (or whatever was picked). However, never happened to me yet in real life, had to try hard when testing to provoke such a thing.

The scanning workflow build into v10 is brand new - no chance they didn’t update it in years because it just got released 6 month ago.

But, as I said, IMHO just clueless EN bashing.

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