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Request for Comments - Note Sharing using Tags

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I share Evernotes currently based on the notebook. 
Sometimes a topic is associated with different notes. 

It would be idea to be able to share all documents with certain tags. 


Example perhaps I have notebooks for each of my clients

within each notebook I have various notes around certain contexts

such as Sales, Issues, Opportunities, etc.


I may want a certain person to look at each note related to Issues

in each notebook.  Rather than having to share each folder I 

would be great to create a Tag named Issues and then share

all notes Tagged as issues

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Agreed it would extend the functionality of the sharing feature to be able to do that by tag as well as by notebook.  Having both however might be technically impractical,  and may not be cost effective for Evernote overall.  There are probably work-arounds you could consider as alternatives for notes you wish to share to all three - if you share a note or notes individually forinstance,  you could add the URL of common notes to one of the notebook notes.  If you update the shared note with new information,  all your clients will be able to see the same changes.

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