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Suggestion for history and Task shedule improve

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Premium user , I use the evernotes daily , it would be nice to add the ability to maintain not only the historical notes, but also the history of actions , such as sending notes by email (Date, to ) or shared .



something like that in note history : 


13/1/2015   - Shared by Email - To xxxxx@xxxxx


10/10/2014 - Share by URL




Because sometimes send us a note via email to people who do not use evernotes , and there is no record of what has been done ... you can t remember if you do it or not ?  and when ...


Second suggestion


Could it be possible to assign a reminder also has an email address to revive a person who has sent a note back and wait ? turn concervant existing callback


Do you think it's possible?





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Hi.  Staffers do read these posts,  though they rarely comment on individual threads - they'll take your comments on board for the future.  Meantime sharing information and settings deadlines is more in the area of task management.  This is something that other software does really well.  Evernote can be used as the backbone of a task management system provided someone else provides the process to add and change the information stored there.  You might want to do a web search for options.

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