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Evernote "guilty" by association - a very good thing

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This article from The Verge runs us through a promotional bundle/ partnership between Evernote, Wunderlist, Pocket and LastPass. Together with the Evernote Platform awards, the tons of 3rd-party apps showcased in the Evernote App Center and Evernotes open API, this is yet another way that Evernote is saying they don't excel at everything. And that's a great thing. They're not pretending to do everything. 




This "Productivity Pack" they've got going for US$60 a year for the premium versions of all 4 apps, basically says that Evernote does not particularly specialize in being an intuitive, fully-integrated task-management solution in itself (Wunderlist), it is not the best for storing your passwords (LastPass), and neither is it the most comfortable environment when it comes to reading your stuff later (Pocket) - you know, no dark background theme except night mode in presentation mode.


This doesn't bode well for "sexy encryption", dark themes for reading in Evernote and more integrated solutions for task management in-app... the absence of which is not necessarily an indication that Evernote is somehow falling short. At least not from the point of view of those who recognize that these are not exactly Evernote's strongest points. Would we really want Evernote to do everything? Maybe many things... but not everything. I'm quite happy with Gingko, WorkFlowy and my Kanbana app. They are good supplements... or maybe even vice-versa. 


At the very least, Evernote is one of a couple of tools you will want to have in your arsenal. 



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I agree with you it's a tacit confirmation by Evernote that although it's the proverbial Swiss Army Knife,  you wouldn't want to go shoeing any horses with your penknife - you need a hammer.  Likewise it's a bit of very shrewd marketing by Evernote - those who are unsure about using Evernote for to-dos, passwords, or reading material now have a reason for buying EN alongside a package that can do the job;  if you're already a freemium member it's a reason to upgrade,  and even if you're only using the passwords and want to add the reading app at a good price,  you;re going to be buying Evernote too.  It plugs them into the users of all the other apps as well as their own.  Heck I'm seriously tempted - I'm already a LastPass and EN Premium customer though I use a different to-do system,  but for not much more than my EN subscription I can add in all the others...


I suspect this is entirely about new customers,  not managing user expectations..  but it's a darn good deal!

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