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Conflicting changes - please explain what this means

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Your search hit is in a Conflicting Changes notebook,  or has that phrase in its title.


"Conflicting Changes" is a notebook that Evernote creates for itself to hold additional copies of an existing note if it can't tell which copy is the most recent.  Search for the note in List view and you should find that there are two copies - one in the notebook you would expect,  and the other in Conflicting Changes.  Decide which note is the most recent,  move the note (if necessary) to the right notebook,  and delete the other.

This can happen forinstance if you're logged into Evernote from two devices,  or you've shared the note with someone else and they're editing the contents.  Evernote recognises that there have been changes from two potentially different authors,  and doesn't know which to accept.  It will save both and ask you to make an executive decision which one to keep.

Something similar can also happen if your internet connection is erratic - you save changes,  but they may appear to be from different devices if there's a broken connection in between.  Evernote will play safe and save them both.

(Note:  In Evernote for Mac conflicting content is appended to an existing note rather than being sent to a different notebook.)

See https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23275623

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