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Format Issue

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I'm sure there's a simple answer; yet, it's very frustrating. 


When I add a row to an existing table, which has six columns, the cell to the far right has ten or so additional cells inserted - and I can't seem to get rid of them. [Right Click - Add Row Below]


Any suggestions would he helpful. 

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This happens intermittently to me as well, it is a bug.  How I deal with it is to hit Ctrl-Z to remove the just added row and then try one or all of the following:  1) go to another note and then return to the table note, 2) add and delete the some text in the table note, 3) click back and forth from the note body to the note title.


Don't know why it works, but after some of the above fiddling I can insert the row without the extra embedded columns.  I wish I could be more precise, but somehow this works around the issue.  FWIW.

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