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How to print a note to include TAG information in PDF


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I would like to be able to save my Notes as PDFs and include the TAG information in the header.


I'm using EN to save invoices and receipts for my bookkeeper to then import into Xero as electronic files, but I want to convey the categories and info by way of tags.


Does anyone have any suggestions?!  

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In the PDF Document Properties, you can set the following fields:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Keywords
  • and more

So, you could set these fields based on the Evernote Note data, including Tags.

For example, you could set the PDF "Keywords" field to the Evernote Tags.


Since you are using EN Win, I don't know of any way of automatically setting the PDF fields.

But, it might be possible using AppleScript if you have access to a Mac.

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If you 'print' to PDF you could always put categories and tags into the filename and (maybe) include the filename with the printed document as a header or footer,  depending on what options your print process has.  I use <date> - <supplier> - <amount> - <keywords> as a heading.  An "intitle:xxx" search will find what I need quickly.  (Date = purchase date as yyyymmdd)

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