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Evernote and PaperPort


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Always looking for productivity boosters.  I'm a big fan of NeoPro by Nuance as an Outlook add on.  They also are responsible for PaperPort which is on sale right now for 80 bucks.  I can't get a good feel for what it would do for me.  More germaine here is as a new but enthusiastic user of Evernote, I'm wondering if they are a) compatible and B) have any overlap in capability.


Would be very interested in what your collective experience is.





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Evernote is highly adaptable with many different programs... When you start using features like the: Evernote Specific email... Or maybe saving your google phone locations, straight to evernote... by sending it to your evernote specific email... So many ways to use the standard evernote for multiple functions that other apps lack...


If you are looking for new programs I would look here:

You can start with the Evernote's natural program extensions by the same company...


  • Evernote web Clipper for clipping articles in your browser straight to evernote.
  • Skitch is a stronger version of the evernote helper elephant (which is great and am hoping you are already using evernote helper)... You may/or may not find use for skitch.


There are more:


Here is the full list of Evernote programs by the company... They all play nice together.



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Hello Evernote community.

I am reaching out to users of Paperport and Evernote. I have been looking at Nuance for recurring errors regarding the  "Out of Memory" message when establishing the link with EN but there seem to be very little out there for fixes. Just this: 

https://nuance.custhelp.com/app/answers/list/search/1/kw/not enough of memory/suggested/1


Anyone managed to fix it? Thank you. 



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