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Annotations & Formatting

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I don't often use Evernote and I am unlikely to commit more to it or upgrade because of the text formatting differences between Evernote and other apps, but that aside, here are two smaller improvements that would get me to upgrade if they are premium only.


Offer a view annotations only option. If I am reviewing annotations in a 1000 page document, do I want to review all 1000 pages, or just the annotations that were placed on just 1% of 1% of the pages?! 1000 pages or 1 page, the answer I hope is obvious.


Secondly, in the Cleary extension, please let me choose the Notebook it goes into when first synced. I now have to manually edit each time which means logging in via the browser instead of getting on with my work.

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Fair point on the annotations,  though you could annotate "1",  "2" etc through the document and make your notes as numbered paragraphs like footnotes in the main body of the note,  or maybe insert a note link at each annotation point to a separate note or notes.  Then just read the footnotes or the linked notes for annotations.  In both cases clip (enough of) the original relevant PDF text to give some (and for some reason I hate to use this word) "context"...


And look at Clearly's options (they'll be in browser settings).  In some (most?) browsers you can set a 'clipping' notebook and various other things.

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