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how to add multiple comments to a note

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I need to be able to share a notebook -- the "Article Library". The individual notes will be links to web-based articles and pdf-based articles. The people with shared access will need to comment on each note.

For example, one note is an article about Schwab's robo-advisor techology. I want to be able to jot down my thoughts or comments regarding that article, and have it "attached" to the note. I want my business partner (who has shared access to the "Article Library" notebook) to be able to see my comments about the article, and write comments of his own. I'll be able to see his and my comments, regarding the article. Preferably, we would each have a space to write our comments and have those comments attributed to a person (i.e., NOT cramming everyone's comments into a single description field). Think of a blog post, with comments at the bottom. I want the blog post to be the note -- and the comments to be, well, the comments.

I don't know how best to do this in Evernote. I've looked at Work Chat, but that seems to be an IM conversation stream, in which notes can be added and edited. That is NOT what I'm looking for. I want to be able to open an individual note in our "article library", and see any comments about that specific article/note made by anyone with shared access to the "Article Library" notebook.

Please help me figure out the best way to accomplish this task in Evernote.

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Outside of Work Chat's IM,  your process can't currently be accommodated in Evernote alone.  It's possible to share the PDF in a note,  and you could annotate that PDF with Evernote's native features,  but detailed annotations - and annotations on annotations - would (probably) quickly get out of hand.  You could open the PDF from Evernote and annotate it in Acrobat or a similar editor,  or save the content as a Word file and use MSOffice's much more sophisticated commenting system to add and amend content.  You may also have upload limit issues - each time you or your colleague annotate the PDF,  internally or externally,  the file is saved back to Evernote in its entirety.  So if it's a 1MB file,  your upload allowance will take a 1MB hit each time you add a comment*.  You'd be better off sharing a DropBox folder (or something similar) and opening the file directly from there.


Edit: *...though if you use @astarrh's idea of annotating the note,  rather than the PDF file,  you don't hammer the upload limit as badly - your cost for each change is only the characters you change.

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Thanks for your inputs -- I suspected as much, but wanted to bounce it off the EN community. Just to clarify: I don't want to actually annotate the articles (notes) -- I just want a way to comment on them, separate from the document itself. For example, the note would be an article about Schwab robo-advisor services. I would then add a comment in a separate section, "I love robo-advisors!". In my mind, I see it almost as like a text dialogue bubble. My business partner would respond in a separate "bubble": "I hate robo-advisors!" The article, along with our thoughts about it, would be captured and associated with that particular note. We'd have hundreds of articles/notes, and our thoughts associated with each one, neatly listed and tagged in EN. That, in essence, is my Evernote dream. But it looks like the closest we can get is having an EN Chat associated with each note.

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Evernote will remain (the most awesome) information storehouse until it can be used in a contextual manner... like Basecamp3 (www.basecamp.com) basecamps.

IF they ever get around to allowing commenting on each note, evernote notes could become company / team / project chat rooms, message boards, and evernote already does the rest of each basecamps 7 tools far better.

the hybrid system would allow evernote to become THE only productivity app anyone would ever need

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