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Evernote will not accept my prepaid visa card for payment

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I have to use prepaid visa card in order to conduct transaction online.  The provider of the card says there should be no problem but the online payment system will not accept the payment.  Totally frustrated and thought that going premium would help to solve the problem i had with notes disappearing and after travelling a long distance (I live in a rural location) in order to buy the card to find out that evernote will not accept it is just beyond frustrating!!


i have started a ticket (amazing that i could do that for this payment issue but couldnt for the lost notes issue) but I will not hold my breath waiting for a response.



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Actually it is not resolved.  I thought I had achieved a payment but i got an email today to say the payment was declined by the card provider.  What i did was try putting the payment through paypal  I normally avoid paypal like the plague because a few years ago when i tried to pay something through paypal the only way they would set up a paypal account was if you gave them access to your bank account which i refuse to do.  I will never ever use my bank account or real credit card on the internet as I think that is a recipe for disaster.  Anyway, I was able to get the payment to go through paypal and got confirmation back from evernote that i was a premium user.  However this morning I get an email from paypal to tell me that the card provider (a pre paid visa card) has declined the payment.  Needless to say I am more than peeved!!!  Now I need somebody from evernote to contact me (yes I have a ticket but so far no response) to try and sort this mess out.

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I am showing as a premium user so I really need to have somebody from Evernote contact me to try and sort something out about getting the payment through.  I will try to put it through the automatic payment system again (and not try the paypal option).  i think it may have something to do with evernote having the payment set up as an automatic renewal.  They really need to cater for other options if this is the case.  I have started ANOTHER ticket with this development but right now I am really feeling totally frustrated!!!!!!!

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Sounds like Paypal don't want to play with prepaid credit cards,  and if that's the case I'm not sure how much help Evernote can be,  but if you can post your ticket numbers here please we can flag your posts for an Admin to look at and maybe get you some priority...

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Hi jane,


If your prepaid debit card is not working through Paypal, it might be set up to not allow certain types of online transactions. You can also pay for Evernote Premium through in-app purchase on iTunes or Google Play.



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It was not Paypal that declined the payment but the credit card provider.  The ticket number is 909920.  I do not think I can do anything about it atm, as I am still showing on the webpage as a premium user.  If Admin could be flagged I would greatly appreciate it :-).  Thank you :-)

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Thank you - Nancy I cant 'do' google play or iTunes store.  I am STILL showing as a premium member and don't know if i should try and put through a payment again considering I am showing as a premium member already.  Please advise if i should try and put through another payment and if so i will do so.   Using a prepaid visa debit card is the only way I can make online financial transactions. 

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Apparently I can not put through a payment because i am already a premium user - help


And you're unhappy because...? - check Evernote's Settings page on the web version;  log in via Evernote.com,  and you should see when your current Premium subscription will expire.

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I am unhappy because I am receiving a service for which I have not actually ended up paying for and that could be construed as theft.  Just because circumstances out of my control resulted in the situation I find myself in does not mean that I should not pay for the service.  In order for my conscience to be clear I must find a way to pay for the service that I am receiving and right now the situation is causing me a great deal of stress which is aggravating my various medical conditions.  I feel guilty and ashamed despite my efforts to try and resolve the problem that has been created by the credit card provider (who also doesnt seem to want to be bothered with the situation) and Evernote who is yet to respond to my tickets.  I want to pay, I need to pay and in all good conscience it is the only right thing to do.  Could admin please flag the evernote staff again please.  Thank you

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Since you've made your position very clear,  I'd suggest you relax and wait for the Customer Service team to get back to you.  I'm sure they will do so in a few days.  No-one seems to work weekends,  so it may be next week now...

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Thank you I went through the process of generating another ticket and the live support option was not greyed out.  I have chatted with Cobi who looked into the issue and has sent an email to the appropriate team.  He (or she) was wonderful in their support and assured me that I would not lose my data.  Now that I have that assurance and the fact that I also have ample documentation to prove my efforts at resolving the situation (as I do not wish to be accused of theft for example) I will relax and await a response from the appropriate team. 


Thank you everyone here on the forum for attempting to help me work through this situation :)


regards Jane

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apparently it is not possible to use a prepaid visa card to pay for evernote.  It is not possible to use it through paypal or any other forum.  This is apparently because Evernote has their system set up for automatic renewals.  Even trying to 'gift' myself a one year subscription did not work.  Evernote NEEDS a system where people can pay for just one year at a time without automatic renewals in order for those of us who need to use prepaid credit cards can be premium members.  To deny people like me the right to pay in this way is actually hurting their business as I have discovered I am not the only person who wants this option.  Evernote are you listening????

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Hi Jane,

I've been watching your thread with interest. I know you said you don't want to give PayPal access to your bank account and that you're pre-paid credit card is not being accepted.

I know that you can in fact, pay for Evernote through PayPal even though billing is now set to auto-renew unless you choose, and remember in time, to cancel the renewal everytime it's due.

I think the problem you're having has more to do with PayPal than with Evernote. For example, my husband and I don't have a "real" credit card, but we do have a reloadable, prepaid one. We have sucessfully used PayPal, which *is* linked to our bank account, to pay for products and services a number of times for several years now.

It can be, however, be frustrating at times because as they have grown in popularity as a way to shop online, it seems much of their customer service has been outsourced. So when you run into a problem you may find that while it's easy to get a CS Rep on the phone, even if you don't have a language barrier problem with a rep who's accent is so strong you can't understand them, and/or their grasp of English is poor, they don't have the authority to access anything other than your PayPal account. (Yes, I know how racist the language barrier thing sounds, but I can't think of a more delicate way to explain what I mean. I have horrible problems whenever I have to speak to people who have strong accents, but especially so if the English is not their first language and the accent comes from their native language. Oh damn, I need a bigger shovel for this totally un-PC hole I'm digging!)

Anyway, PayPal's reasoning is a little screwy in my opinion. They need to go through your bank account if you don't want to use a credit card, but require that you have at least one credit card on file, even if it's a pre-paid one that has no money on it. They call it back-up in case you don't have enough funds in your bank to cover the purchase.

Here's where it gets even weirder. We very rarely do have money on our card because the charge both a monthly fee and a per transaction fee. That's not a big deal if you're making a big, one-time purchase that can only be ordered online. We bought a small freezer and mini fridge through Costco several years ago using the card, so the total of less than $20 in additional fees seemed small potatoes considering the hundreds we saved by not buying via cash at in-town, physical retailers. But for small purchases, it can add-up quickly, so we are fine with PayPal going through our bank.

After all, we monitor our account closely through online banking, so if something suspicious shows up, we can cancel the payment quickly and with no penalty as long as we make it clear to the bank it was not something we authorized.

In the many years we've used PayPal, we've only had a few minor problems, and while they were a bit of a pain to to fix as we had to deal with both the company we ordered from, and the sometimes hard to communicate with, service reps, we *were* able to sort things out with no NSF charges from either party.

I'm guessing this is your first attempt at using PayPal. As such, there are a few things you should know if you decide to go ahead and purchase Evernote (or anything else online, using PayPal and having them take the funds out of your bank account:

1) PayPal will not attempt to access your bank account unless you purchase something. They are a large and well trusted company now, and know better than to bite the hands that feed them, which are the sellers not the buyers. As in the case of Evernote, should you to use PayPal to purchase a sunscription, you won't be charged any fees from PayPal for processing the payment, Evernote will.

2) One downside to connecting your PayPal to your bank account is that it can take anywhere from a couple hours to a couple weeks for the funds to actually come out of your account. Whatever you pay for, should instantly go through at their end as being paid, but that doesn't mean it's instantly going to be deducted from your account. So, I advise daily checking your account against the electronic PayPal confirmation statement for it, using online banking. Remember to ensure that you and anyone who might share the same bank account, such as a spouse, knows they must leave XX amount of funds in the account until you get confirmation if the payment withdrawal. It's also helpful to keep close tabs on any banking & ATM fees, as well as any regular automatic payments that go through your account. I.E. mortgage/rent, utilities, loans, etc.

3) Each and everytime you PayPal for something online, you will be asked to log-in to your PayPal Account to review and approve the purchase details. There is an option on that page that does NOT work like an auto-pop up reminder. It is a simple - but crucially important[/] - tick-box choice, where you tick off the preferred payment method. In this case, it would be the Bank Account option that you'd tick.

And, of course, you would need to enter and register your banking details before making any purchases. You'd only need to do this once and save the changes to your PayPal account.

PayPal has recently implemented recurring subscription payments. I have yet used them, but you could go their site and read up about how to correctly set one up, and how to cancel them for any recurring subscription you don't want any more. Also, if you do subscribe to Evernote (or anything else online), them make sure you have the renewal dates clearly recorded in a place you won't forget to check. I'd personally suggest using one of the many free Calendar and or Task Manager apps to track suck things and set-up recurring reminders to yourself of:

* What's coming up for renewal

* How you originally paid for it or them

* Include brief notes to yourself with details you want to remember

Phew, finally done! I hope you find this helpful and that it sets your mind a little more at ease over the use of PayPal through your bank account.


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Thank you for that lengthy reply.  I simply will not allow any access to my bank account for even such purposes.  A long time ago I had an automatic payment that was set up through my bank account.  The company involved went in and attempted to gain the payment before my pay went in.  They did not attempt it just once but over 20 times over the course of several days accruing a large bank fee each and every time they did so.  As such I will NEVER EVER for ANY purpose allow ANY company access to my bank account and I will NEVER put my bank account details on the internet for ANY REASON whatsoever.  This is why I use prepaid visa cards.  However the problem is not with paypal but with Evernote who will not allow prepaid visa because it is a system of automatic renewal for the payment and because it is a prepaid visa (purchased as a one off prepaid visa) then Evernote refuses to allow the payment to go through.  This is the case for even the one off 'gift' purchase of Evernote as I tried to 'gift' myself a year at the request and suggestion of the Evernote support team.  I am now patiently waiting for somebody from Evernote to get back to me yet again.  The support staff gave me premium for a few days while there is an attempt to solve the issue but I refuse to use it until it is sorted out as I am afraid that I might loose my data yet again.    Honestly, it shouldn't be so hard to pay a commercial company money - surely they want money??  Evernote are you listening???

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Well I have been patiently waiting for evernote support to get back to me.  I am still waiting.  All I can say is that it seems that Evernote doesnt want my money.  Lousy support, really lousy.  It shouldnt be so hard to pay money to a company after all I assume that Evernote needs money in order to survive.  Evernote are you listening??

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This is getting more than a little ridiculous, especially since they claim to accept PayPal. Nor do I understand the unwillingness to accept a re-paid Visa since it is essentially cash.

At this point, I recommend you Private Message both GBarry, the Forum Mananger and Nancy Fu Magee together in one group message and:

▶ Start by stating your goal, which is to purchase a year's Premium Subscription using either your pre-paid Visa which has far more cash loaded onto it than the cost of a year's sibscription, or via PayPal which will take it off your Visa anyway!

▶ Detail, in bullet points, what you have tried so far and exactly what responses you got from Customer Support. Point out that according to their own website, it says you can purchase subscriptions through PayPal

▶ Explain that for reasons you don't understand you are showing as a Premium member though all your attempts to pay for it have been rejected and while you DO want to have a Premium account, you don't feel comfortable knowing you haven't paid for it. Who knows, they may even officially gift you a year's free Premium for all the hassle it's caused you.

Good luck.

Well I have been patiently waiting for evernote support to get back to me. I am still waiting. All I can say is that it seems that Evernote doesnt want my money. Lousy support, really lousy. It shouldnt be so hard to pay money to a company after all I assume that Evernote needs money in order to survive. Evernote are you listening??

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Hi I am trying to make a payment via my visa debit card and it doesnt accept the card?

When I click the paypal link the same thing happens?

Could you help please?




Hi.  Please see the history in this thread.  What you need to do is:

  • Submit a CS support request by choosing "payment issue" in the first dropdown after logging into logging in to this link > https://evernote.com/contact/support/
  • Wait till you get an acknowledgement with a ticket number (within an hour)
  • Post the ticket number here

We can then flag the post for an Admin to look at.

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Thanks but i have a ticket in with support and it seems that support doesnt know what to do either.  I just want to repeat that I can not access itunes or google play for 'in app' purchases as i do not use evernote on an app on a device just my computer and i have NO need for accounts with either.  Somebody suggested making the premium purchase through amazon so i set up an account but there is no apparent way of conducting such a transaction through amazon.  To be honest I am fed up with the whole situation.  You would HONESTLY think that evernote would WANT my money but maybe my money is simply not good enough for Evernote.  FED UP TOTALLY!!  Evernote YOU NEED to allow people to have the option of buy a one year subscription, one year at a time without the auto renewal which seems to be causing such a lot of problems - give people the option to purchase year at a time or to have the subscription auto renew.  For goodness sakes your system will not even accept my pre-paid visa to gift myself a one year subscription!  It is totally beyond rediculous!  The paypal option to pay is not even visible to me anymore - it has miraculously disappeared.


Thank you for the suggestion to message two people together but I dont know how to do that.


Honestly? I have totally had enough of the whole situation!!!!!!!!  my project has been on hold now for far too long.  Evernote is perfect for it but without this mess being sorted out it is useless.  PFFT to Evernote!

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If you do want to try again,  please post the ticket number,  as requested.  If CS can't help because they can't accept your payment choices,  I think it's usually down to the customer to find a payment method acceptable to the seller,  not for them to fall in with every individual's personal requirement.  I agree it's dumb not to accept payment methods if they're widely used,  but it appears that's not the case here.


It is (or was last year) possible to pay in one year,  or even one month stages if you require it,  and if you don't want to make in-app purchases,  there's no need to do so.  If you can't find a way to meet their sale conditions however,  then it looks like you need to check out OneNote or any other options.

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I have somebody from support email me but the instructions were not that clear so have asked for clearer instructions.  I am not really asking for any special payment method.  The company advertises that it accepts Visa, I am using a Visa card.  It appears that the option for one year only no longer exists however the gift yourself method should cover that.  support has again changed the account to premium while we try and work through the issue and i am grateful for that but i do not like using a service for which i have not paid.  I do not have one note.

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Hi jane5ok,


Did you solve your problem? I was stuck in a similar problem fo a long time.


I struggled to make my annual payment for "Evernote Premium Account" through debit card for a long time without success. I always got this error message:


"We were unable to process your payment. Please make sure your card number and security code are correct, and that you have entered the billing address of your card exactly as it appears on your card statement. If you continue to get this error, contact Evernote Support, or try a different card."


The possibility for making payment via Paypal was not given until I changed my address.


I think Evernote needs to make some improvements here. We are afraid of loosing our data.

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I've seen another response around here somewhere that after selecting a 1-year contract various payment options come up including the monthly payment scheme,  and that if you wish to avid paying for further years automatically you can always go back to the payment page and revert the account to a non-paying one (or a lower tier) which it will do when your existing paymen(s) run out.  If you need more than you can see on the payment screens,  you're better off raising a payment issue query like I said earlier - we're a user forum and have no connection with handling the money.  (Which is probably a good thing for all concerned...)

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