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The failure in the Evernote support system



Getting help on Evernote has been a hassle and it's unfortunate that they removed some support for free users and the only possible way is through the forums which isn't the most effective method. 


Let's start with the process of getting help with a problem that is wrong with the system and NOT a user error. 


1) I have a problem with my Evernote working like it should. In this case, my activity stream isn't syncing up right. 


2) I go through the steps of uninstalling my app from my system, reinstalling it and signing back in. Problem is still there. 


3) I go to the Evernote support page and jump through the hoops with their drop down menus at here  in an attempt to submit a ticket. And instead, i am told that I will find my answer when I ask the community. (That's lazy on Evernote's part to count on someone else to help with a problem that is on THEIR end.) And of course, they have to remind in order to get a more 1-1 support, i should be a Premium user. $$$ This whole step by the way, is a complete waste of time and should just have a page that says... "Ask the community" when told to submit a ticket. 


4) The knowledge base articles, however well written, is moot when the problem is on Evernote's end.


5) So off I go to create a thread on the forums in hopes that Mac QA Lead will find a way to solve my problem. If he doesn't, I continue keeping my fingers crossed that someone in 'the community' will help me out. If not, i'll just suck it up, pay the $$$ JUST TO GET tech support. If I cannot be bothered, I will just pull myself away from Evernote and move on to a better system. 



Points to note:

- I think Evernote is a great product and has things going on for it. 

- I understand that Evernote IS a business after all and will still need to find ways to generate income.

- I think that indirectly forcing users to pay money for support (even if it might not have been the intent but a result of circumstance in the system) works against them and will just result in disgruntled users like me that will eventually stop using Evernote due to a bad taste left behind by the experience rather than the problem itself which ironically isn't even that big to begin with. 



Unfortunately, because of this experience, I will choose to use other companies over Evernote. Google's gmail, for being a free service, has a stand out tech support (being a giant probably helps). But one cannot expect end users to take this into account and make excuses for a company's poor performance. When it came to the crunch, I gladly paid for Google Apps since Gmail has been taking good care of what i needed to do all through the years. There's nothing to really make me want to pay for anything with Evernote after this experience. 


And if anyone is interested in the problem I am facing and has a solution, check it out here on my post. You know, because, communities rule rather than paying someone I can email to and have an actual interaction with to solve a problem I am facing on THEIR system. 


Bring back a proper tech support for free users. 

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Bring back a proper tech support for free users. 


Meh. It's a business, and they're not selling your data to advertisers to run it.


They'll provide some support for free users, but it's lower priority than for paying customers. And I can't blame them for it. Evernote isn't perfect, but for a FREE product it's a ton.

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From a selfish point of view , I'd almost rather they didn't have any free users and just concentrated on writing software for and supporting those who are willing to pay for the app.


As CatOne points out, Google aren't doing anything for you for free - they are selling information about you to advertisers. If you are cool about that, then it's absolutely fine, but don't confuse this with any sort of altruism.

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As stated, if you are not happy with Evernote, there is little point complaining move on to something else.


However, if you want to work at what is for you a free programme then make sure you uninstall properly. We recommend Revo Uninstaller for Windows, I think it also works on Mac, but leave that up to you to check.


BUT! Make sure you confirm by logging in on line to see if you have all your Notes before deleting.


Best regards



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