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Can I send a LinkedIn request after scanning a business card?

Pedro S


On the Evernote Mobile App when you scan in a business card, there is an option to send a LinkedIn request. 


The new Scannable app is amazing and makes bulk scanning email cards almost magical. However, I can't find any way to send a LinkedIn request from the scanned card. It's doing everything else...even pulling the LinkedIn data when it finds a match.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I scanned a business card into Scannable, but some of the data was incorrect, including email address and name wasn't picked up. As I can't amend that in scannable, I had to save to Evernote and correct the data there. How do I now connect that Evernote business card with LinkedIn. The person is on LinkedIn and I am connected with them, but it seems the feature to find them in LinkedIn is only inscannable not once you get the business card into Evernote?

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I am new to evernote but frankly the linkedin request feature is most unclear.

I have scanned several cards and saved them. Some show a photo of the contact with a small blue "in" at bottom right but tapping does nothing

how do I get the system to respond and send a request to a colleague to join me on linked in.

P.J. what am I doing wrong.?

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Thanks for the feedback.  We'll look at adding this to a future version.  In the meantime, you tap the LinkedIn icon when you're reviewing the business card, it will open their profile in Safari.  There, you can request a connection.  


I hope this helps!


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Brixton, you can do this in Scannable.  I'm also self employed and use Scannable to scan in many different receipts at one time.  


Let's say I have three different receipts from three different stores and each one is to be a note within Evernote.  Using Scannable, I snap a picture of the first receipt, followed by the second and then the third.  When I go to save the receipts, I uncheck receipt 2 and 3 and hit save.  Now receipt 1 is automatically saved to Evernote.  I uncheck receipt 1 and check receipt 2 and hit save.  Repeat for receipt 3 and you're done.  For me, the process only takes a few seconds and I don't have to go in and out of applications.

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1   Pedro S said "The new Scannable app is amazing and makes bulk scanning email cards almost magical"

 Bulk scanning? I find this the worst bit. I regularly scan receipts as I am self employed and want them as separate notes. If I try to do this with Scannable it is really painful. I scan one receipt then have to save it then come out of the application then go back in and scan another receipt, then come out of the application et cetera et cetera.

With the camera I scan save scan save etc 

2   Re the business cards doing the Linkedin thing (this is the feature I paid to go premium to get) If you scan business catds cards individually using the Evernote camera it used to give you the option of connecting  via LinkedIn. not sure if it does now.


In closure

I do wonder why Scannable was developed?

The older system with the camera seemed more straightforward and it sent a Linkedin link request automatically.

Now using Scannable it is slower and does not send a LinkedIn link


Is Evernote going to sub contract Scannable out to generate a new revenue stream perhaps?

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