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Multiple encrypted notes got last note's password after migration

Juan C. Ruiz


I had three encrypted notes on different notebooks, all with different passphrase. After migration to the newest major upgrade a few months back, I noticed some issues with one of the encrypted notes while I was modifying a lot of its content. 


Basically the passphrase between notes got all mixed up, just now after editing the last note that I had encrypted before the upgrade is when I realized that the migration affected the metadata of encrypted notes. The steps to reproduce are simple:


1- Create 2 encrypted notes in different notebooks each with its own passphrase

2- Migrate

3 - Try to fully decrypt the first note that was encrypted, notice that now the hint and passphrase is the one of the last encrypted note.


Even of you cut/paste into a new note, or even try to create a new note with the original content and try to encrypt, it will still prompt you for the password of the last encrypted note. So somehow the metadata is still associated.






p.s Also cut and paste tables is really painful, at some point I totally gave up. Please improve this functionality. 

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