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Web clipper does not list all of my notebooks

Richard Whiddon

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Latest Firefox Web Clipper for production is version 5.9.1. Assuming that's the one you have  I recommend you install the new version 6 that is pending approval from Mozilla for a wider release. 

We will not make any further fixes to the 5.9.1 codebase so we may as well make sure version 6.0 works as expected. 


You can install it here:



Let me know if there's the same issue on version 6. 

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With my last post of the day, I am happy to report that Web Clipper ver 6 does not have the same problem.  All notebooks are being listed.  I still have a problem in Evernote.  It does not let me specify local or synchronized for new notebooks.  Strangely, I think it did at one time.  I've only been using the prog for about a month.  Still in the banging around phase.


Thanks for your help.


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Same problems here. Win Vista 64, Web Clipper 6.6, Chrome 44.0.2403.157 m. Clipper does not list the last notebook. Renamed last notebook to move it up the list and now the one that was above it no longer shows. Also, I cannot set a notebook as shared and cannot even determine which ones are. 

Another problem I am having is that when I restart my computer I get a popup on my screen saying that I cannot edit this note (what note?) because it is private. I have NEVER set anything as private. Popup will not go away until I start Evernote.

I can't be the only person having these problems.

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