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HELP! After upgrading to 6 on the Mac, Evernote thinks I'm new- all my notes are gone



So I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone else- I've used Evernote for the past year to take notes in class after switching to Mac, the last two semesters it's worked out just fine and I haven't had any problems. Then... one day in December, an update became available. One that I would never forget.

Here's what happened:


Update installs, life is good. Let's log in shall we?

Okay, good.

Nice interface, so clean and new. Just in time for Yosemite.

Wait a minute... Something's not right here.


One notebook: "Welcome to Evernote"

Where are all my notes?!

The past two semesters and then some, nowhere to be found.


*Checks account info*





And that was that. I must admit, they were very clever choosing to do this after the end of fall semester- but still I would have preferred they hadn't done it at all.

Today I'm expected to sell an academic client on using Evernote here at work, but given recent events I don't think I could bring myself to do that.


I don't want my notes back, for various tests I've had I copied the content of said notes to .txt files which are still around somewhere.

I'm just saying. What the hell?

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User forum here,  and if you check around you'll find it was a bit busy when that update first came out.  Evernote went through several incarnations of v6.0 and the latest is 6.0.5 which seems to have resolved all the main issues,  though quite a few folks have reservations about colour and layout.  Evernote have some comments and help here - https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/105269246


If you'd like your notes back in full,  I'd recommend updating to 6.0.5 - and restarting your device.  If you have any problems check back in the forums here with details and we'll try to assist.  If you want access separately,  you could have course have accessed your notes via any computer that had the app installed,  or via any browser and Evernote.com.

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