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Sharing an article in my notebook & security

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I could spend hours trying to find this answer but would like to ping the community. 


I have evernote on my laptop and my iphone, and I've clipped some articles that reside in my notebook. 


My question: 

- if I share a specific article (with public links) does that then give the person access to my notebook and transparency to all or the articles I've clipped?   I hope not.  Or is it just that one article? 


Thank you

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Hi - easy question;  they're the best kind..


You can share a note by giving it a 'public' link.  That gives access to that single note via a web page.  There's no option to see anything else.


You might want to put that note (and any others you share) into a separate notebook,  because in a month or two you probably won't be able to find it again quickly.  If you need to share more than one page,  consider creating a TOC (table of contents) note and sharing that single URL,  so your visitors can click links from that page to see other shared information.  (You have to share all the notes to allow them access.)

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