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View resets constantly



I arrange my main screen in EN Mac to show the columns I want at the widths that I want, but it doesn't keep. It used to, but doesn't now. Every time I got back to the main screen from a note, it shows Title, Notebook, and Update as very small columns. Titles only shows me about 10 characters. I can change it, but the next time I go back to that screen, it goes back to the cramped view.


This was never a problem in EN until the last month or so. What can I do to keep the view I select?



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Anyone have any ideas on this? It is very frustrating and didn't start to be a problem until recently and something changed. It simply won't maintain the column widths or even the columns I choose. It just goes back to the default view.


Thanks for any help!

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Okay. I feel silly about now. I went to check my version number and realized I was at 5.6.0 beta 5. It used to automatically update, but now I remember getting an archive extraction error. I forgot to go back and solve that. I updated to the latest and I'm assuming it will fix that issue. Sorry!

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