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Evernote Syncs with all my Mac and IOS devices but... :(

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Hi everyone!

My evernote account is working very well in several computers and devices, but one of them has stoped syncing...

I have 2 macbooks that are syncing and two IOS devices also syncing without issues. Them there is one PC with win 8.1 at the office also syncing without problems but one PC I have at home with win 8.0 is not syncing... It has some of the info but stopped somehow. There is no error or message, it just does not show or sync the posts and notes since October 2014!

What is wrong? I have already removed the programed 2 times and reinstalled it without any luck!



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Hi.  There are several threads here about Windows sync issues,  so it's interesting that you have one working computer and one not.  As a quick fix,  is there any chance that you would be able to copy the database folder from your work machine and replace the home machine's folder with that new information?  That will at least bring your home machine up to date,  and may help it start syncing again.


Evernote > Tools > Options > General for the location of the folder.

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