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Skitch windows size and position.

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Is there a way to lock the window size and position of skitch on Mac os x? When doing many screen captures I'm forced to chase the window around on my screen and can't keep it sized like I want it. It resizes according to the size of the image. I do not want this behavior. 


Just curious if there is a way to make it behave. Love the app otherwise.

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I'm surprised no one else has replied to this - it has bothered me forever! You maximize the window. You open or capture an image - and the app resizes the window. What other app does this?! It's bonkers.

It's most frustrating when going back and forth from the thumbnail grid (library, I guess it would be called? - there is no name for it, just an icon with 4 squares) to an image and back again. Fortunately I use an app called Moom that lets me use a keyboard shortcut to quickly re-maximize the window again - if not for this, I might have stopped using Skitch altogether by now due to this one annoying "feature" (bug).


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