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How do I turn OFF that popup on the bottom?

John in Okie Land

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On my Win7 PC, I have Evernote


so far, I have been a satisfied user of Evernote for years. Can't remember when I first started using it, but would guess it was the day that my Palm Pilot died back in '08


This latest update, maybe it was earlier? There is a stupid asinine popup window that keeps yelling at me "see relevent content".

I am not interested in "relevent content" because I am mired in the depths of editing where I am now.


Also the "relevant content" is nothing more than a topic I was working on in another program, not even in Evernote.


What is going on here, and why in blazes is this stupid popup window there hassling me anyway?


John up in Okie Land

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I think Evernote have acknowledged that 1) there's a bug which pops this thing up too often,  and 2) there should be an option to kill the thing if you don't want it.  Coming to an update near you (hopefully) soon...

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