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Help w EN Data Recovery

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I'm a long time EN user but in no way an expert particularly when it comes to transferring EN files/notes.  I'm in a real pickle and would greatly appreciate any help or wisdom anyone might lend me.  Here is my situation:


I got a new Win8 computer...installed EN, and synced.  FORGOT that I had one local notebook of critical information (yeah, I know), so I went and uninstalled EN from the old Win8 machine (oops, I know).  Now I have all my synced notes but of course none of the local notes on my new computer, and I am in a quandary as to the best way to get them back since EN was uninstalled from the old machine.  I have my EN data in the following ways:


  1. I have a full .enex file of the entire OLD note database (1 month old, all local and synced notes), which is readily accessible on a flash drive.  Should this be my first option?
  2. I'm pretty sure that have a backup of all my data files from the OLD machine, using Windows File History (also 1 month old, same backup time).  But I need to get the old computer back in a day or so and hook up my external drive to verify that the evernote files are there (ebx, I think?).  If yes, then what?
  3. I also have a local subdirectory that has pdf's of 90%+ of my local notes (scansnap profile dumps them there when scanned and also puts into EN).

What are my best options to recover my local notebook and maintain current synced notes and notebooks?  If anyone could provide a step-wise sequence or recommend what you would do to recover under this scenario, I would be ever so grateful!!  Of course none of you would uninstall EN before getting all local notes transferred in the first place :)


Thank you for any help or recommendations you might provide!!


Kind Regard   

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If you just uninstalled Evernote from your old Win 8 machine, and that machine is still available to you, and you didn't erase the Evernote database on that machine (uninstalling won't remove your Evernote database), then you should just be able to re-install Evernote on that machine, and your stuff should be there, including the local notebook. At that point you can just export it from the old machine as .ENEX, and import it on the new machine.

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Thanks so much for your reply Jeff!  I have Totally Awesome news (to me anyway  :) )!   I was able to retrieve the old machine before IT reformatted or disposed of it.  My 1.2GB  .EXB file is still there, just like you said! 


Can I just copy the 1.2GB .exb file from the old machine onto a flash drive, then put the flash drive in the new machine and copy/overwrite the .exb file on the new machine? 


Is that a 'silver bullet' solution?  Will that keep all the note IDs straight?


If not, then your solution of reinstall and export/import sounds like the trick!


Much gratitude and many thanks for your kind assistance, 



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You can try copying the .exb to your new machine, so long as you haven't made any changes to your note database since you installed the new one. If you have made changes, that may be hit-or-miss, so you should probably consider using the .ENEX solution for that one local notebook. It's easy enough to do.

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