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Lost Data

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I lost text within a note.  I entered the data using the Evernote application for Mac, using the latest version of Evernote, etc. I noticed that the newly entered data was not showing up on my Evernote application app on my iPhone.  So I pressed the "sync" button, both on the Mac and on the iPhone. No result.


So I went online for help and Evernote gave a list of trouble shooting measures. I followed every single one, including restarting my iPhone and the Mac. When I restarted the iPhone, no result. When I restarted the Mac, all newly entered data was gone. 


Note: I also manually saved on the Mac using the Evernote app. I have the free version, not sure if that matters.


Is there anyway I can retrieve my lost data? I don't want to have to re-do coz  that will defeat the whole purpose of using Evernote, I think.  


I also tried using a customer support link by Evernote but it stated that because I have the free version, I'm limited to the community forum for help. The thing is, if the product just essentially malfunctioned leading to my lost data, how can I commit to it by paying?\


Help, please.

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I'm not saying this happens to everyone, but this happened a few times in the past with my Android mobile and it had such a negative impact. Syncing just did not work. so now I just don't bother with any mobile device and syncing. I keep it very simple and stick to my desktop where I know my extremely important notes are safe. And I back up notes weekly. Highlight 'Notes' menu > right click > export.

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Yeah - that whole thing about syncing with both a phone and a desktop is where the problems arise.  Data is synchronised with the server on a 'hub and spoke' system - the iPhone sends and receives data with the server,  then the desktop does the same;  so a note will make its way from one device to another via the server.  The note with the most recent time stamp is taken as the 'final' version of that note.  So if you sync with the desktop,  containing one set of data,  then sync with the iPhone containing another set - including a 'blank' note in place of text,  the empty note may overwrite the text.  It's much safer to work on one device only and then sync changes to the server before you use another device to look at the same account.  


If you were a premium subscriber,  the previous version of the note might be available in Note History.  You may get lucky if you check the Trash or a Conflicting Changes notebook.  If not,  then AFAIK the content is definitely lost.

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