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UK Evernote Pricing £3.99, £4.00, £4.99... £4.49?

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I've an email from iTunes saying that Evernote Premium is increasing to £4.99/month:

"The price of your 1-month Evernote Premium subscription has increased from £2.99 to £4.99. This increase will only take effect in future subscription periods, and does not affect your current subscription."

The UK App Store currently says Evernote Premium is £3.99.

The Evernote site says the monthy subscription is £4

Can I have some clarification please.

Thanks, Steve

UPDATE 14/1/15

No reply from Evernote premium support and my subscription has now expired.

If I try to renew my premium subscription via the iOS app I get a further option of £4.49 monthly. WTF is that all about? I now have 4 possible options for montly subscripton - £3.99, £4, £4.49, £4.99?

Maybe they need to increase prices to improve their support service, or replace the random number generator that deals with their subscription pricing?

P.s. If Evernote are watching, £3.99 is my limit

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There have been quite a few rumbles in this forum about Evernote's plan to shift from a consumer-based product to a corporate-based product along with corresponding price increases.  


A few months ago, one Evernote employee actually posted a comment in this forum that they were doing some market testing on pricing before making the announcement.


You should contact Evernote Support and request a clarification on your 1-month premium subscription. They work on California time / business days only. And even Premium users have commented on long delays in support requests.


Please share their response in this forum. 

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Buy this bundle for 1 year subscription for $59 dollars... No increase in Vat...


You get: Evernote 1 year... Wunderlist 1 year... Last Pass 1 year... Pocket... 1 Year... Wall street Journal: 8 Weeks...


Absolutely no VAT per country of origin....


If you like even 2 of those programs you make a killer saving of like $30... If you love and use all 4... you save $125 dollars.. (More if you include VAT specific to each country)




The above link is legit... Not a hoax... It is supported by Evernote Staff in another thread:



Evernote - Well we all love it

Wunderlist is a great program you should be using... Try it...

I think Pocket is pretty useless... Evernote does everything better...

LastPass can be extremely useful.. Depends though... Especially if you work on multiple computers.. Or if you are from windows not using keychain...


Either way... If you are happy with just 2 of the included programs... You are saving a significant amount.


I just bought the bundle and am very happy.


Hope someone finds this useful


*EDIT* (That comes out to £3.22 per month for 4 PREMIUM PRODUCTS... Seems cheaper than what you are describing... Even for a single Evernote subscription... You need to check my math on this... I am finiding it a bit hard to believe.)

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Odd as it may sound, Evernote does not have full control over the price of Evernote Premium on the iTunes App Store. We were not responsible for this price increase. Apple recently raised the in-app purchase price in several currencies. The email they sent to us was:


"Prices on the App Store will increase for all territories in the European Union as well as in Canada and Norway, decrease in Iceland, and change in Russia. These changes are being made to account for adjustments in value-added tax (VAT) rates and foreign exchange rates."


The price that we charge in GBP on the website is 4.00 GBP, which is not changing. I'd encourage you to purchase your Premium from the website.



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