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Corrupted Note View in Mac 6.0.5



I work with a University Library and we have several patrons utilizing the Evernote service, including myself. Currently we're getting a large number of users reporting back to us that they are receiving corrupted notes inside the latest version of Evernote for Mac. Message simply displays an error message regarding the rendering of the page. The note is still visible in the thumbnails. For more information you can see the attached screenshot. I am supporting this establishment for the Evernote use so I'm eager for any assistance or solutions. Thanks for any assistance you can offer.


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Hi.  We're a user forum,  not Evernote Support,  so I'd recommend that you raise a support request via this link https://evernote.com/contact/support/  and use the 'bug report' option from the first drop-down.  If you're premium subscribers,  or have one amongst your users,  s/he / they will be able to use the Chat option on the same link to get some quick attention.


I'd suggest you check the Evernote Web version of the main account via Evernote.com to ensure your notes are all present and correct,  and ask any users who are having problems to make sure they have upgraded to 6.0.5,  and to restart their computer before accessing any records.


There were some problems with the recent updates,  but these seem now to have been mostly overcome - hopefully you will be able to get back onto normal operations fairly quickly.

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Thank for your comment. I submitted the ticket three days prior to posting this, hence the reason I was reaching out to other users to see if anyone had encountered this recently and hopefully give some advice. I'll keep my posts on more user related content in the future.

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