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Mac App problem (Fix please)



When merging notes in the Mac application, they are reformatted. Not just the blue highlighted title, but the actual text of the note.


It goes from this:



To this:



I've found a work-around by merging the notes in the web app, and then when I sync the Mac app they are properly merged like the first picture, but the web app is cumbersome so I'd like to see if this could be fixed for the Mac app.

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Unless I'm missing something really basic,  the top note is a different note from the bottom note,  and only the bottom one shows any sign of a merge,  which is the grey bar at the top.  Don't understand the query.

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Okay, will do. I will say though that the notes being merged were the same exact style. In the past they have merged successfully without changing the overall format of the note, it wasn't til recently that it stopped. 

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