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Custom views/custom searches

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I've been struggling for so long trying to find a solution to this problem.  It would be a wonderful feature if Evernote decided to do it.


- I take alot of notes, for work meetings, home, charity meetings, and in a meeting there are always always action items.  So I capture those action items as a todo.  And they live within the context of that meeting note.


The BIG problem is there is no simple view, or search that will allow me to pull ONLY the todo items into a central view.  And from there I can check them off as I complete them. 


There is an app I found called TrackMyTask that pulls todo items on my phone.  But this really show be a simple link within Evernote that would allow me to create a Custom View or Custom Search.  I could easily go to this in Evernote in iOS or Windows, or web.  And see results.  In my case it would be ALL TODOS.


I see on the iOS there is a SHORTCUTS section.  If only in there I could add a custom view "All Todos".  Or "Todos Work" as well as "All Todos Personal".


Any thoughts?





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If you're on iOS, there's a great little app, Swipes, you might want to tinker with that may do exactly what you're looking to accomplish. It harvests your checkbox items from your Evernote account... and allows you to arrange them on the Swipes interface as standalone tasks or even in sublists. Here's a post I created which will give you an idea of the possibilities, whether my system interests you or not:




Otherwise, Evernote does not group together on any internal/ in-app interface your checkboxed tasks from miscellaneous notes.

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