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How to print a note with pdf

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Maybe there is a better way, but I always just open the PDF in Preview and print from there. The PDF is an attachment, and most attachments don't print as part of the note. The same thing happens with Pages documents; they have to be opened in Pages in order to print. Images do print, however. 

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no you're perfectly right csihilling  :) . I know it used to work this way, when I printed a note it was with the pdf - like a picture. 


I'm a heavy evernote user (premium) and have a lot of note's with several pdf's. There is no possibility now (at least I can't find it) to print the information from the note with the pdf.


If I print a note I even don't get a reference to the pdf that's in the note, if there is only a pdf in the note and I don't print the header I get a totally white page. If I do print the header then it's only the header and nothing else that suggests that a pdf belongs to the note. I can't imagine that that is useful for anyone.

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I am also having this issue. Once I scan in a document with my camera, I'd like to have the ability to print out the document pages. The best I've come up with is to use 'Save Attachments to Folder' in 'File' menu. Unfortunately, the pages are all out of order. Anybody have a better solution?


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It would be really nice if EN would allow you to print in a WYSIWYG format.  I edit my notes with colors, fonts, and pdfs, but there's no easy way to share this in the format I have it on my Mac.  

An especially common situation where this would be useful: getting reimbursed for receipts.  I like to have a photo of each receipt immediately after the description of the item; but if I email that or print it and it comes with 10 PDFs at the end, it's not very helpful to the accounts office. 

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