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Document Sizing


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I don't see a way to specify the size of a document. I scan a lot of irregular size documents and I want to maintain the original size when I print, not have them convert to a full page printout.


Did I miss something or will scannable have to go into the trash heap of unusable apps?



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I hope we can avoid adding to your trash heap. Scannable uses some logic to guess what size the document is, but won't get it perfect for many irregular sized documents. Scannable tends to bias towards the most popular paper sizes, for example A4 and US letter.


There is currently no method to manually set the physical dimensions on the PDF sorry, but if that's something a lot of people want, then we're listening.

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This need applies to anything that should not be automatically printed in A4/Letter to fill the page. I am a US citizen living in Thailand. These are some things that I print out quite frequently to provide to immigration, labor ministry, university (my employer), my landlord, and probably a few others:

  • ​passport
  • work permit (about the same size as a passport)
  • ID card
  • receipts (for reimbursement)
  • driver's license
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