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Allowing Tags to be sorted independently in "list" view.

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I would like to suggest that tags be able to sorted independently in LIST view.  This would expand on the use of tags and allow for better sorting and filtering in list view.  My purpose is to use it as a sales prospecting tool in place of an excel sheet.

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Alphabetically.   So you could in essence sort by value.  Tag ">$25", ">$50k", etc.  If they each had a similar prefix then you could sort.  Even better would be child/parent tag relationships.

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I may not be getting it, but you can sort by tag alphabetically in list view.  Just click on the tags heading.  


You have to be careful in how you set the prefix though since if a note has multiple tags they are sorted alphabetically.  The ! character sorts first, so if the above is to be your prime sort, you might consider !$25, !$50, etc. as tags.  If you get into 3 digits you need to add a 0 to the 25 and 50, and check how that sorts on different platforms.  The sequence that some of the special characters sort in is ! # % * . ^ _ + = > -


For example, I prefix all of my GTD tags with !.  That way if I sort by tags all of the action notes are at the top in whatever context of notes I have.  Also a tag:!* search returns all action items.  I would suggest you play around a bit and see what feels good for you.

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