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How to set up an entry

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1. I hate updating evernote because it never seems to work right afterwards. Given that, I haven't updated and I just added to a saved note. Now, when I bring it back up, that note is not in the same format as it was before I added the additional info to the note. Instead of having it line by line for each of my entries, it's now one big line with everything running together.

How can I get it back to how it was?

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The Android note editor is in need of a rewrite - which is hopefully in progress.  If you're a Premium subscriber you could check the Note History to get an earlier version and try again to combine the new changes with the old version.  You could also look in all other devices you have which connect to this account to see if there's a pre-sync version of the note.  Disconnect them from the network first!!


Otherwise your best bet is probably to edit the note in a desktop client and re-set the format you require.  There's no way to get the format back automatically.

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That's odd. Until less than a month ago I was a free user and use my GSIII cell for 95% of all my notetaking. I have it set to auto-update and have had no problems creating or editing any content. A few complaints about feature changes, sure, but no actual problems. Maybe it's because I use very few attachments?

My cell:a Samsung galaxy note 3 with kit kat os

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