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Feature Request: Chromecast support



I've love to be able to easily use Evernote with a Chromecast, especially in presentation mode on Windows (and Android, ideally).


Currently I need to hook up an HDMI cable. Not terrible, but being able to simply send it to the Chromecast would be really useful. I wouldn't be tied to being close to the wall jack, and nobody would be tripping over my cables.


As a workaround, I'll use the web client in Chrome, use the Chromecast extension, and just go full-screen. Not perfect, but workable. I'd much rather be able to do it directly from the desktop client if possible.

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Agree - this is really needed to truly increase the uptake of using presentation mode over Ppts and other formats. I love using presentation mode, but I'd like to use it more on a screen while holding just my phone or tablet to control it. Currently Google Slides does this and it's great, but again - I'd prefer to user presentation mode so I'm not having to build slides all the time :)

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Adhiero a la propuesta.

Trabajo en educación donde el modo PRESENTACION es más que útil.

Chromecast es una solución económica y fiable conectado a un TV de gran dimensión ó a un proyector.

Creo que el MODO PRESENTACION y CHROMECAST se dan de la mano.

Por favor desarrollen la característica.



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