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Quota Used Up False Error


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Using latest official client on Windows 7, I started getting failed sync messages (though my notes appear up to date on website).  It wasn't long after joining a free user's shared notebook. As far as I know, they didn't use up their quota (but they may have - they were getting close). 


Would this really cause me, as a premium user (who has barely made a dent in his own quota), to get the quota exceeded message on my end along with the red exclamation?  Or should I be looking at other causes?

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Sync fail can be due to a lot more than quota problems,  and you shouldn't get these anyway from a joined notebook regardless of whether you're a premium member - unless you were adding new notes to that notebook..


I'd suggest clearing the Trash Notebook on your account,  and dealing with any 'conflicting changes' items in that notebook.  Then sync again...

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