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Can't get Desktop and Web to be in sync. Need to delete notes and tags from desktop.

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So I started using evernot eyears ago for a test project and haven't used it since.  I decided to start again the other dya but for something totally different so I want to delete everything I had.


I went through and deleted all my notes and then deleted them from my trash.  I then tried to delete all the tags as well.


On the web client I only see the notes I've created in the last couple days and I only see 3 tags which I created the other day as well.

On the desktop client (Windows) I see hundreds of Notes that I can't delete as well as 100+ tags that I can't delete either.  I don't know where these are comign from or how to get rid of them.


I tried closing and reopening the program as well as manually syncing and they just don't go away.


When I right-click on a tag the Delete option is grayed out.

When I right-click on the many notes there is no Delete option at all.


Help please. :)



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I can add things just fine.  I just can't delete the tags and mystery notes from the desktop version.  THey don't show up in the web version.  I can add things to either side and they show up on the other side just fine.

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Yes, but did you also try what Gazumped suggested? Signing completely out of Evernote on all your devices, then sign-in again on one and syncing?

I can add things just fine. I just can't delete the tags and mystery notes from the desktop version. THey don't show up in the web version. I can add things to either side and they show up on the other side just fine.

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I only have the desktop client and the website.  I signed out of them both and went into the website.  It shows me 8 notes in All Notes and 2 Tags under the Tags item on the left.

I then go log into the Desktop and clicked Sync.  It shows me 161 notes and tons of tags.


It appears many of the tags are Shared or something.  How do I get rid of shared tags and notes?

I don't have any Shared Notebooks showing up on the left side so I have no idea where these things are coming from..


If I open up one of the notes, the Info says it's part of Kelemvor's Notebooks.  But if I go to Kelemvor's Notebooks on the left, there's only 2 things in there that I created yesterday.

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If you don't have any local notebooks, you could sign of EN on your desktop, move your EN data base folder, and sign back into EN.  This would give you a new data base and download your notes from the server.  Can't cause too much damage since you are trying to start fresh and really don't have any notes at this point.  

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It doesn't kill the stuff on the web version.  The only way you can do that is to delete notes, either on the web or the client.


***Don't do the the following if you have any local notebooks.  These need to be exported to ENEX format first.


On the client, sign out using the file menu, then move the data base folder to the desktop (you can find the location under Options - General - Evernote local files), and then sign back in.  When you sign back in EN will begin to rebuild your local data base from the server.  

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