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Best way to start/move over to a new EN account?


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Thanks in advance for reading.


I have been using one EN account for two separate companies of mine.


One has started to see some growth and id like to give it its own EN account.

Whats the best way to do this?

Do i just "add another user" within one account or start a whole new account with a different email address?


Ideally id like to easily switch between two users, in the same screen...allowing me to simply go back and forth, without having to open two separate windows/apps.


Lastly, is there an easy way to move all of my folders/notes and tags over to this new account/user or do i simply cut and paste?

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Probably the easiest way is just to create isolate the notes that you would want to move into separate notebooks in the old account and make sure it's synced properly, then create the new account, and share those notebooks to the new account. From there, you can copy the notes to your new account, and when you're satisfied that they are there and safe (I'd include checking the web client as well as any local client), you can go ahead and delete the old notebooks from the old account. Back up your current account first, though, just to be safe.

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I agree, the best process to move Notes to a new account is to use the Shared Notebook approach:

  1. Move the Notes for the new account into one or more Notebooks setup in the existing account, but have ONLY the Notes for the new account.
  2. Sync fully, and verify in the EN Web client (www.evernote.com)
  3. Do a full backup of the the EN Win Evernote folder/database
  4. Create the new account.  I would start out with Premium account for a month or so, which gives you more features, much more monthly upload allowance, and full Evernote Support.  You will need a new/different email account for the new EN Account.
  5. Share the Notebooks from the new NBs created in Step #1, which you want in the new account, with the new Account/EMail.  This means having a different email account for the new EN Account.
    1. Note that Sharing has recently changed with the release of EN Work Chat.
    2. I haven't used Work Chat, but as I understand it, you now have to go through Work Chat in order to share Notebooks.
  6. In EN Win, you can ADD an Account to the EN Win app.
    1. You can't have multiple emails for an account, but you can setup the EN Win app so that you can easily switch between accounts
  7. Once you have setup (added) the new account to EN Win, you can accept the Sharing Invitation (received by email) from your original account.  You will need to login to the email account you have used for the New Account.
  8. In EN Win, switch to the new EN account, and view the Shared Notebooks.
  9. Create new Sync'd Notebooks in your new Account that correspond to the Shared Notebooks
  10. Copy the Notes from the Shared Notebooks to these new NBs in your new account.
  11. Review the Notebooks/Notes in your new account to make sure that all have been properly copied.
  12. When you are satisfied that all the Notes of interest have been properly copied to your new account, you can do this in your original account:
    1. Add a Tag to these Notes to indicate that they belong to the new account, and have been copied.  For example:  "CompanyA"  (or whatever name you'd like to associate with this company.)
    2. You can use this tag to exclude these Notes in Searches in the original account, by including the Search term -tag:CompanyA (the minus sign tells the EN Search engine to exclude Notes with that tag)
    3. At some point you could delete these Notes in the Original Account, if you wish.

Take it slow with each step of the process, using only a few Notes in the beginning to make sure things work like you expect.  Feel free to post back here if you have any questions/issues.

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A halfway strategy could be to create a stack for each company comprised of the notes and notebook(s) for each.  You could then click on either stack to be working with either companies notes, or click on all notes to see both companies, should the need arise.  If you don't like it you can always move the notes later to a second account later.  


I don't this will work as well if you are a heavy saved search user.  Other than that it could be a stepping stone.  Full disclosure, I have a bias for keeping things in one place to facilitate access and search.  FWIW. 

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