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Shared note update notifications no longer working

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Updated to EN 6.0.5. Have a few notebooks that were shared with another account. Shared note update notifications no longer working. Satelite dish lights up if share settings are changed at either site (leave sharing, start new sharing) but it does not when original user makes a change to a shared note or a note inside a shared notebook. No notifications whatsoever to the other user. 


I clicked on "Leave Notebook…" for a few of these and restarted sharing from the other count using the new "Work Chat" settings (which I find deplorable, btw). Sharing goes ok (they appear back in the first account). But no notifications whatsoever appear when the other user makes changes.


This feature is imoprtant to my workflow. It used to work brilliantly in the previous version. 


Anyone else having this problem?




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It seems that the original user does get a notification when changes are made to a shared note, but, alas, the other user does not get any notification.

This is totally ridiculous! I do not need to get notified of the changes that I have made myself. Only when the other account makes changes do I need to get notified. 

Is anyone from the EN team listening to this forum? Could someone please look into this?

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I also find this a bit ridiculous. I am constantly sharing notes with people i collaborate with and i need to know them via an external chat program that there is either a new note or an updated to an old note that they need to check.

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