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Using Pictures to Display Notebooks

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Usual apologies, caveats apply if this has been raised and dealt with before.


I use Evernote as the front end of a variety of information stores both personal and work related. I have the various Notebooks arranged into stacks and I typically use Tags to help me search for items of interest. All good so far.


My main issue is that I would prefer, when viewing the Notebooks in Grid View is to have them displayed using some sort of icon, e.g. a currency sign for the Economics course I am studying or a dollar sign for my financial goals notebook. 


Is this possible and is there an easy way of achieving this? Have I overlooked an obvious method.


Thank you

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Thanks Frank but I should have been clearer. What I want to be able to do is replace the bland look of each with a graphic or picture (unless I have misunderstood your advice).


After having a number of attempts at "pasting" a picture and not succeeding, I'm guessing it's not possible.

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@ZaidCBR... as you've discovered, it's a no-go. Your only options are emoji icons (Mac & iOS) and Unicode symbols... such as:




... and thousands of others. Bland... but doable.

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