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Customize Card View to Make Dashboard

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Hi All,


Is it possible to change the display colour of notes in the note list when in card view, so you can easily see catagories? For example, you have card view up to use as a dashboard, showing the contents of one notebook. Blue cards are for marketing, pink cards are for accounts, and yellow cards are for R&D, all displayed in the one pane. I would like something like this to organise my day.

Also, can the size of the preview cards be changed?


Cheers, Sara

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  1. Yes and no.
  2. Nope.


The closest you're going to come to the scenario you pointed out is if you have the following materials handy:

  • iPhone/ iPad
  • Post-it notes:
    • Electric Yellow
    • Neon Pink
    • Electric Blue
    • Limeade

If you're looking at creating and managing your tasks through digitally enhanced Post-it notes in Evernote (with EN's Post-it note Camera), there are a couple of good blog posts out there on the topic. You can set the action to be taken for each color Post-it you shoot: for automatic tagging, notebook filing... as well as setting reminders. The result is something like this in Card View - for the Post-it notes that is (I pulled this image off Evernote's page on the topic)




Here's the Knowledge Base article:




There's a nice little video there  ;)


I tested it out some time back... and by gosh, it works.

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