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Problems with PDF selections pasted into notes in Evernote 6

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Hi all, like many users, I have been a bit disappointed with Evernote Version 6 for Mac.  


My primary concern is regarding the behavior of PDF clippings pasted into notes.  


1) When I copy selections of PDFs and paste them into my notes, they now appear with a large "PDF attachment" heading.  In Version 5, they appeared without any border/headings.


2) Also, with the newest update to version 6, I find that I am no longer able to resize these attachments.  Previously, I was able to resize them using the annotate feature.  Now, that option is gone.  The best that i can do is right click and switch between "automatically resize", "zoom in", "zoom out", and "actual size".  


Does anyone know of a way to remove the attachment heading and/or resize these attachments?



It may seem nitpicky, but the context of these problems is that I'm a student.  Professors send out their lecture slides in PDF format, and I make study guides for myself with LOTS of copying/pasting of selections (eg diagrams or pictures) from these PDFs into Evernote.  The ability to resize these and have them appear sleek and distraction-free is pretty important to me, so I'm really hoping that there's a workaround!  

Evernote is marketed as being very aesthetically pleasing and versatile, so I'm a little bit puzzled as to why this version is visually and functionally clunkier.



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It's obviously way more clunky,  but is there a way to convert that PDF clip back to JPG?  Not suggesting that replaces having a working function,  but it may satisfy the need temporarily while you wait for another update...

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Looks like a clunky solution is to paste into Keynote and then copy that image out of Keynote into Evernote. This converts the image into a bitmap attachment that is viewed in line. 


Edit: actually looks like you have to past into Word, copy that into Keynote, and then copy that into Evernote. Seems like there must be a better way.

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OK a better solution. I'm using PDF Expert, which appears to be clipping the PDF as a vector graphics file (which is actually pretty cool). If you paste that into Preview.app as a new document and then save as jpeg or png, this will rasterize the image and allow it to be imported into Evernote as a bitmap. 

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