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Having problem in sync with the Evernote application


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I am unable to sync my evernote with the data available on my evernote web account as it is showing me "Sync Failed" error.

I've ensured the proper connectivity as I am able to login from the app itself , latest version of evernote, and connectivity from internet explorer.

I'm using windows 8. This is also to bring into your kind attention that app was working just fine earlier but the problem has aroused recently after re-installation of windows.

The application log file is attached along with the mail.

Looking forward to your reply at the earliest.

P.S : I've also tried to check the continuity of my internet connection by using cmd ping google.com-t which was continuous.



Thank You


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Had the same EXACT PROBLEM, But on Windows 7, Moms Older Laptop (Hooked on EN ). After SERIOUSLY 2 months of Back and Forth Help, and Honestly, I cannot say Enough about my EN Support Guys Helping me - I Actually figured it out somewhat myself...

Go to Internet Properties in your Internet Settings , Enable only SSL 3.0, And TLS 1.0. (Some have .2, .3).


I have had Constant issues lately... But they have been extremely helpful and attentive. Mom is a Non Premium user and Phoenix, Alex and others have been great. Best Help I have seen since 2009 NP / 2010 Premium use.

Has been work, but they are working hard.

I would like to see them smooth out the odd ipad user issues soon. But that's another entry. CHEERS !

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