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Intriguing Sync Issue!


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Hi there!


I am experiencing an intriguing Sync issue with my Evernote Desktop Client for Windows. I'll start with the background first.



I started using Evernote on my Tablet first. Then, a few days back, I started using my Windows PC so I installed Evernote on my PC as well.


In the desktop client, I discovered the 'Notebook Stack' feature which I never found in my Android version of Evernote. This feature it appealed to me though and I created a couple of notebook stacks. But till this time, my Desktop Client has still not synced fully with the Evernote Servers...not fully synced in the sense that while it had replicated the "Notebook Structure" on the desktop client, it is still in the process of fetching my notes.


I created 2 notebook stacks. Simultaneously, I also drag-dropped my notebooks into these stacks. Mind that my notes are still being fetched from the Evernote servers. After some time, I saw that all my efforts of arranging my notebooks into these stacks were washed away as the Notebooks were back to their usual "unarranged" structure.


After some browsing through the forum, I assumed that the problem was probably caused by the fact that the notes being fetched in the background from the Evernote Servers are used to the earlier "unarranged" structure. And since then, I am following a policy of  neither changing the notebook structure, nor modifying any of my existing notes till the time the sync is complete. However, I have not stopped creating new notes via my Desktop Client.


Now, the issue is that some of the notes that I created in the past few days (via the desktop client) are nowhere to be seen in my Desktop client. This set off the alarm bells for me!


So I immediately logged in to the Evernote Web Client. To my relief, all those notes which I can no longer see on my Desktop Client are there in the Web Client!


Although I took a big sigh of relief, could the community please help me with the following questions?

  1. Since the notes are visible in the Web Client, can I rest assured that they are safe & secure and that they'll eventually be reflected in my desktop client again?
  2. What really could have happened here? I mean I created those notes through my Desktop client but they aren't reflected there. However, they are reflected perfectly fine as I'd expect them to be in the Web Client.
  3. All of my sync cycles till date have ended as failures. But all of them seem to be contributing little by little to bringing my desktop client up-to-date with the Evernote Servers. Are these Sync failures normal behavior?
  4. Am I correct when I assume that the reason my notebook structure reverted back to its "unstructured" form is because the notes being fetched from Evernote Servers aren't used to the "Stacked" notebook structure that I created in my Desktop Client and so, the desktop client reverted back to the older "unstructured" form in order to be able to receive these notes? And so, I should wait till all my notes are synced before I create the "Stacked" notebook structure again?
  5. Lastly, I see that the time period of the sync cycles is small with none of them running beyond 2-3 minutes. Would these cycles run longer if I increase the gap between these cycles to say 30 minutes? I tried setting it to 10 minutes (instead of the usual 5 minutes) but the cycles don't seem to be lengthening.
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Did I understand you correctly that you set up Evernote on your tablet,  then added the desktop version on your PC,  but before the PC version had fully downloaded all your notes you then created new stacks and moved notebooks around and generally changed the layout on the PC while the download was still progressing?


I'm not surprised things got confused.

  1. You can't assume that the web notes will be 'protected'.  If your PC syncs fully,  and some notes on the PC have a more recent change date than the ones online,  your 'new' PC notes will overwrite the 'correct' notes on the server.
  2. If your PC hasn't yet fully downloaded the current version of all your notes,  don't make changes to anything.
  3. Sync failures aren't 'normal',  but they do happen,  especially when the notebook layout is being changed whilst it's still being built.
  4. Yes.
  5. No.

If you are happy that the web version of Evernote contains all your original notes,  I would suggest that you go back to square one and replace your PC database with the web version.  Wait till that download completes,  then start your changes again.  To do that,  you need to find your current database folder - Tools > Options > Open Database Folder then File > Exit Evernote and rename the folder to Databases.old.  Restart Evernote and you'll download your notes again.  Wait until that completes before you make any further changes...

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Hi gazumped!


Thanks for the explanations.


One more question. I've set my Evernote to sync every 5 minutes. But till date (it's been two and a half weeks since I'm using Evernote on Desktop), my Desktop client is not a perfect replica of the Web Client....while the Web Client shows 481 notes, my Desktop client has only 333 notes (and increasing each day as sync cycles are performed).


This concerned me a little as to why the Desktop client is still not completely synced with the Evernote servers. So I was checking my Activity Logs and found certain interesting observations:

  1. While the "total notes" count in my desktop client was increasing each day, but between the scheduled sync cycles, the increase was nill....in the sense that suppose my "total notes" count today is 333; then tomorrow, this count would go up by 3 or 4 notes. But between the various sync cycles today itself, the Desktop client would be stuck to the number 333.
  2. On any given day, the "total notes" count doesn't rise more than 5-7 notes.
  3. In my Activity logs, I find note calls to such notes which are already present in my desktop client....and I haven't made any changes to them for Evernote to make such note calls. Then why such "bogus" note calls?
  4. Lastly, when my Desktop client only has 333 notes (as against the 481 notes in the Web Client), why do my sync cycles fail? This is particularly intriguing because when the Desktop Client shows the "Synchronization Failed" pop-up, it logs "No more data to read" in the Activity logs...when clearly, it has over a 100 notes to sync from the Evernote server.
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I'm told that there's a new 'prerelease' version of Evernote due out in the next few days which will include some stability and sync fixes.  We'll make sure everyone is aware of this when it's available.  If you're getting the "no more data" comment,  then it looks like you are affected by one of the problems they're looking to fix.  For the moment I'm afraid there's nothing much more that can be done.  Meantime while there are more notes on the server than on your device,  you're bound to see some odd messages - lets try to get the sync 100% complete before worrying about them too much.

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To try and force sync the 148 missing notes, I might try

  1. Select all of the notes on the PC and tag them Temp or something
  2. Sync and check the web to see which notes don't have the tag Temp, should be 148 I suppose
  3. Add the tag Temp to them
  4. Sync the desktop again.
  5. See if all the notes are on the desktop, if not the below

Or per Gaz above, log out of EN on your PC, move you EN data base folder, log back in, and your data base should rebuild at that point.  And let it cook this time.

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Hmmn.  No clue.  I've only seen/ noticed the phrase in that one log quoted in the link.  It obviously is to do with syncing notes between clients,  but it's presumably different from pure sending or receiving...  anyone else got any suggestions?

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BTW how do I mark this thread as "resolved"??

You should be able to edit the topic title to "RESOLVED: Intriguing Sync Issue!", since you started the topic.

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Hi guys! Whatever the evernote guys did does seem to have solved the sync issue for notes. But I guess they were so fixated with notes' sync that they probably didn't test for syncing of labels. The labels I created in my desktop client haven't synced with the evernote servers. Any ideas if this is a known issue or I'm the first one reporting it?

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