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Un-deletable unshared "ghost" tags in Evernote Win


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Hello. I have Evernote Win running on a W7-64bit OS. I had previously received some shared information with a friend, and as a result I had a set of notes that were not created on my computer.


At some point we were done with the shared stuff, and my friend un-shared the information.


I still have the tag titles that were on the notes that he shared with me, even though there are no notes attached to them now. And when I go to my tag list and right-click on them, the delete function is grayed out. They're stuck there.

If I bring up my account in the browser Evernote, the tags are not there. It's only on the computer where I used the shared notes. In fact I've installed Evernote Win on another machine since then, and the ghost tags don't show up there either. So I'm assuming they're stored somewhere on this one local machine.  I tried doing an uninstall/reinstall of EvernoteWin, but they came right back (reinstalling to the same location).

If I uninstall again, is there a local data cache that I need to manually delete, or some other explanation for why I can't get rid of these ghost tags? It's just an annoyance, but it really is annoying.

I can reinstall to a new folder location and see if that works, but I'd rather get rid of this old tag data entirely than just end-run around it.

Many thanks for any suggestions or solutions.


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I just went through a cycle of this. First, as always before embarking on something like this, back up your Evernote database. After that, with Evernote open, Hold down the Ctrl key, and click on the Help menu item. You should see an expanded menu (it's the semi-secret support menu). Click on the Delete Unused Linked Tags menu entry. That should do it, if I recall correctly.

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