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Never ending syncing issue

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Hello everyone! I have been using evernote for a few years already and I am already 2 years on my premium account.


Brief history:


On my 1st year of using evernote was really amazing! I never had issues with the syncing ( DESKTOP CLIENTS ) from multiple clients, and also it was so easy to transfer the database  from one computer to a new one. Last Feb 2014 around that time , I just did a simple transfer to another computer and that’s where my problems started ( I am not sure if it was cause of the transferring of the data or I updated my Evernote. ) It never got fixed actually


Evernote platforms:

  1. PC desktop
  2. Laptop
  3. iPad
  4. Android



  • I have no local notes and I never encountered issues with evernote web.
  • I have two factor authentication enabled
  • I never had problems with my android and iPad evernote app.




  1. PC
    1. I tried my luck this year again since its 2015 or maybe evernote fixed this and it’s the same problem!! I tried to rebuild my database from my PC and it keeps on stoppping at 60% every single time THOUGH it downloads my notes and the note count increases. So what I did was I just sync again every time it fails and the note count would just increase and also download my notes.
  2. Laptop
    1. I tried to transfer the existing database from my PC to my new laptop right now but I keep on getting the error that it cannot read the database that I transferred ( it showed a specific error and I tried to search it here on the forums and people suggested to just download it from scratch ) so right now I tried to downloadthe entire database from scratch and IT DOESN’T WORK AT ALL I KEEP ON RECEIVING THIS ERROR



17:05:11 [6728] Client synchronization started

17:05:11 [948] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/note/s158

17:05:11 [948] 0% Loaded updateCount: 0

17:05:12 [948] 0% Usage Metrics: sessionCount=0

17:05:12 [948] 0% Client updateCount: 0, server updateCount: 339367

17:05:12 [948] 0% Retrieving list of changes from the server

17:06:11 [948] 10% No more data to read.

17:06:11 [6728] Client synchronization finished, status: failed

17:06:11 [6728] * error: Connection to Evernote service lost

17:06:11 [6728] * elapsed time: 59s





  1. I tried to delete everything from my PC and I reinstalled evernote and downloaded the entire database and THAT WAS A HUGE DATABASE. ( 11 gb )  still the same issues
  2. I tried changing the SSL thing
  3. I tried to report this but every time I try to report this evernote doesn’t have a proper solution every single time.
  4. Tried changing the SSL settings ( POODLE TOPIC )
  5. Submitted  numerous tickets
  6. Restart and shutdown
  7. Cleaned the registry
  8. I used revo uninstaller to properly clean any remaning files.
  9. Its not because of the anti virus I tried to disable everything when I synced it.
  10. I tried to log it off and logged in again.



This is really depressing me already to the point that because of this I tried testing MS one note and I find it useful but there are just some things that one note cant do like all my articles and research are all consolidated into my evernote account. I want to finally get t read them again even though I am offline.



Please I am really desperate ,I  hope someone can help me.



I will follow the logs from my PC later.

Thanks guys! 

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Hi.  Starting from first principles here - can you log in to see all your notes via the Web client?


Hello. Yes of course, as I have mentioned  I really never had issues with the web client ( except for it being slow lol but I think thats normal ) . 

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OK at least you have an uncorrupted backup for your database.  If we can somehow get it downloaded to a single hard drive somewhere you would be able to copy it over to any other device that uses the same OS.  I can only suggest that you choose one or other of your PC/ laptop and do the full number on it from Revo uninstall to downloading  the database again.  If it doesn't work the first time,  switch it all of,  switch it back on and do it again... I did this myself a while ago,  and it took three goes to get a new laptop going!

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