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Access a Note via 'a link'

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Is there any way I can link to a note (preferably with a URI) in an Evernote notebook from another program in Windows.


I appreciate I can export as html, and do with that whatever I want. 


However, when the note changes then I will have to re-export and and re-do whatever. 


I would also like to to be able to click on the link in the other app to fire up the Evernote editor.


If its not doable then its provision would address an advantage that OneNote offers.  ON creates a file for each section, a .ONE file, I can easily get a URI for a file.  Problem is that OneNote on Android seems to be dependent on OneDrive being alive; that may be overcomeable if you sign up for Office 365.  


Mind you I haven't looked at Evernote on Android yet, being able to work off like is essential to me.


tia - RP

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If you right click a note title in List (or any other) view,  then press and hold Ctrl while clicking on 'copy note link' you'll get a link in the format "evernote:///view/...." which will open Evernote and that note.


Edit;  and see https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/23190617

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Cool, nay brilliant - exactly wnat I wanted.


The KB article ought also to point out that the links can be used in other applications - if they have the wherewithal to carry a link.


I can use it to link book reading notes to the book in my calibre library


Thanks  a lot, yer bloods worth bottling mate



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