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to-do list not filtering

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1.  If we're talking about checkboxes within a note... in any context, try the following search operators:

  • todo:* - All notes with checkboxes 
  • todo:false -  All notes with unchecked checkboxes
  • todo:true - All notes which have checked checkboxes

This will return notes with any of the above matches. Evernote itself doesn't have a UI that extracts checkbox items for you to tinker with. If you need that sort of thing, you should try Swipes. I'll have a post out on Swipes either today or tomorrow on my blog.



Are we talking about checkboxes within a note or tasks within the Reminders list?



2. If you're in the Reminders list... on the mobile, desktop and web clients you are able to hide completed Reminders by toggling "Show Recently Completed Reminders" within the sorting options menu. 



You're not going to be able to sort your checkboxed items within a note as such. You need to cut and paste them to get them arranged the way you want. In the Reminders list, if you have completed Reminders showing, you can drag and drop them into the order you want...



... failing which, please describe your use case a little more (i.e. - what kind of a to-do list we're looking at here) so we can understand what you're trying to achieve... since there are other methods that employ the use of tags in a GTD-like system, Personal Kanban dynamics, etc...

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