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Work Chat notifications in Windows

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When I receive a work chat message, I get a real time notification on my android phone, but there is no corresponding notification in Windows.  The only notification I receive is in the form of an email that comes at least a half hour after the initial message was sent.  It would seem that windows notifications would be very helpful as an option

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Cancel that--I did just see a notification come it.  It appeared only briefly, which is why I missed it before.  I'm familiar with chatting in Skype, and the icon on the taskbar turns orange when you have an unread chat.  Something like that would be helpful.

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I'm really missing that in my company. I send messages to people and most of them I receive a reply hours later because the recipient didn't see there was a new message. We can't even see any kind of notification (even a briefly one). Nothing happens in our case.

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We badge the Work Chat icon in the sidebar of the application and also badge the Taskbar icon. We also show a temporary notification in the bottom right corner of your screen in case you are in another application when a message comes in. As of our latest beta, the Taskbar will also temporarily illuminate when a message is received


Are these notifications not working for you and your colleagues (i.e. are they not being shown) or are they not sufficient (i.e. are they not being noticed)?

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There is no notification whatsoever in Mac OSX, or iOS, or Android. Nothing audible, nothing visible, whether it is for a chat update or a change or addition to a shared notebook. Oh, OK, if you remember to go into the app and look, there's a visual alert. But who does that, in this century?! Nothing in Notifications, nothing in the Taskbar menu.


Can someone please buy the developers at Evernote a slide rule, or a sextant - or even a ***** packet, so they can work out the millions in market share they're losing because of this?!




(PS, yes, I'll go find the Mac, Android, iOS forums to post this in the 'right place' too - not that anyone at Evernote will get an alert about it. Probably better off with Twitter and TrustPilot . . . )

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as far as i can tell i get none of these notifications on Windows. if i do get them and they are "temporary" (not sure how long that is - 2 minutes? 30 minutes?) then perhaps they need to be permanent until work chat is accessed. if i am in a meeting or out to lunch, there is no guarantee i'll see any of those temporary notifications. most of the time i'm working at my computer and i still don't get and/or notice any notification. let alone an email notification sent to me. a simple pop-up box (that doesn't go away until you click it) and a ding would suffice.

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I think there should be a browser extension for that, like Checker Plus is for Google Drive for instance. But I'm sure there are easy workarounds too. How about IFTT to Slack, and instant notifications that way? I haven't tried yet. Does somebody have tested that?

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